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In 1798, Friedrich Ludwig Carl Christian Stange was born to the "hochfreyherrlicher Holländer auf dem Burghofe" Johann Friedrich Stange in the town of Putlitz, Kingdom of Prussia. Like his father he became a holländer. His wife, the Holländerin, was Caroline Dorothee Bochin, born 1801 on the estate Gottin, close to the town of Warnkenhagen, Grand Duchy of Mecklenburg. She was the daughter of a holländer also, grandchild of a shepherd. In 1855 they immigrated to Illinois together with their daughter Marie and Caroline's brother Friedrich Bochin, following their son Albert and their nephew Gustav who had left for America the year before. They left behind their grown-up sons Justus and Carl. The last letters were exchanged in 1865, the first contact between their descendants was made in 2007. Today their descendants live in Germany, England, Sweden, Canada, the USA and the Dominican Republic.
This is their story...



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